Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shared Vision

I wrote this on the 2nd November 2010, on the David McWilliams site, in response to our appalling economic state in Ireland and I decided to put it up on my blog, as I did write it. So far, one person is interested in forming a Shared Vision group. I am loath to say a "Shared Vision Party", as that, in my opinion, is what our Irish politicians seem to think they are at.........."A Party". Whether it be Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael and even the Green's, they all think it is one big party!
I do hope that something comes out of this...............................By the way, my reference to the turn out last Sunday refers to the Peaceful Pumpkin Protest, that a man called Richard organised on the 31/10/10 to show his horror at the forth coming budget cuts.

What to do next? I am attending the Kilkeconomics fest on the 11/11/10, mainly to educate myself. Plus I do have a huge respect for the people I have booked to see, 10 gigs in all and all on economics! This is my annual holiday this year. I am due a tax rebate which is paying for it. (Before anyone comments on my job and salary!).

I was disappointed with the turn out last Sunday, however, the people there were lovely and I remembered that good things often start small.

I would like to propose we start a NEW political party called, Shared Vision. The whole concept will be on the shared vision of the members, but especially the public’s vision, it will be based primarily on having a loving, compassionate and kind approach to running the country, with honesty and maturity as it’s ethos. I am writing this and in my head, I can hear the lads here groan…………….If you need to groan, do. I have no desire to judge me or anyone else here.

This approach on love, compassion and kindness is, I believe the mature way forward for all human beings on our planet, not just our country. WE could lead the way. This approach has not ever been adopted before world wide, so why not do it this way?!?
There really isn’t anything stopping me from doing it, or you for that matter. Other than apathy!

My background is in the HSE and social welfare and I have studied psychology and relationship mentoring for 5 years in total.

Unless, we as a society put people first, we are lost. Socialism and capitalism have shown that they do not work. The austerity measures that our Government have brought in and are bringing in, will only again shrink economic progress in our country.

I am not an economist, but as I am down all my disposable income, which I can no longer spend and that’s just me, one person! Most of the country are in the same boat as I am. What will further cuts do to us as a nation?!? I dread to think about it. But it won’t be a pretty sight.

It is never to late to make a difference and I feel strongly that I need to make a difference. Anyone on this site feel as I do? If so, add your name if you too are interested in starting a Shared Vision way of living. By the way, as this is Shared Vision, I can not put a manifesto forward, as it needs to be a Shared Vision manifesto! So can we all help to develope a shared vision for a mature way forward for Ireland and her individuals?

I offer this as an invitation to all Irish people.


  1. I would like to accept your invitation, please keep me posted.

  2. All welcome 7, I would love to have you on board. Go raibh maith agut.....Mile even!!