Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poetry is part of the dance of life..........

Today I've decided to put up some of the poems I've written.
The first one I wrote in response to 9/11. I felt 9/11 brought me
to my knees, with the shock of what I saw on TV, I was in Barcelona that
day, when I received a text from my ex-husband to go & watch any TV station.

I wrote this poem a few months later, it is my response to 9/11 & indeed it
is true for any dishonouring, disrespectful & violent action that is bestowed on
any human being in our world. Paradoxically, it is true for honesty, kindness,
compassion & loving acts bestowed too.

I wrote this in Crookhaven, West Cork in 2001.


I am you and you are me.
You and I make up the human chain.
Life sends us lessons.
Lessons, you and I need to learn.
But I deny and you deny.
'Tis the cancer that destroys, your soul and mine!
For I am you and you are me.

When I hate,
When I am full of anger,
When I am absolutely fearful and terrified,
When I declare war,
I bestow this on you!
For I am you and you are me.

When will I know,
That I am you and you are me?
If I hurt or kill you,
I hurt and kill me!
When will I know,
That you are me and I am you?

I will know when I choose to be you.
And you will know when you choose to be me.
When I admit to my denial, you will admit your denial.
When I am aware, you are aware,
That I am you and you are me!

Then life will have taught us peace and love.
OH JOY…………………….
I am you and you are me!

This one I wrote when I worked in Ballylickey Manor, Bantry, West Cork when I was 19 years old. I wrote it about the room that was my home in the summer of 1980.

The Walls of Silence

Together discussing favourite topics, between now familiar walls.

A room, where you feel relaxed, slowly discovering one another.

In a room you never knew.

A room full of other peoples memories,

yet the room tells no secrets.

If these walls could speak, imagine the stories they might tell.

Can these walls see us now?

Have the seen the people of long ago?

Will the see the people who have yet to enter?

Will history repeat itself between these walls of silence?

I hope yes, I hope not!

This next poem I wrote when I was 18 years old in Grange, Douglas, Co. Cork.I had
a big decision to make.........

The Decision

The decision has to be mine and only I can make it.

Does my whole future depend on this, my important decision?

Did you ever feel lost, lost in a maze, with low and heavy fog?

Did you feel unsure when you came to those crossroads and didn't know whether to

turn right or left or just go straight ahead?

'Tis I that am lost in this maze of life.

That is why I and only I can make my decision…….

My decision for the future.

This poem, I wrote when I was 18 too, again in Grange, Douglas, Co. Cork.

Lady in Black

The world, she is sleeping.

Except the lady in black.

The lady is alone on her island, so alone.

She longs for company, companionship that will not come.

Because the world, she is sleeping.

The company she longs for is that of a man, she met but twice.

Their first meeting was brief, but that of their second meeting was precious.

This meeting passed quickly, her memory of it beautiful.

The lady is confused and the answer she searches for is not there.
She will not let it be known to herself.

Still, the world, she is sleeping.

This man, who is he? Where does he belong in her world?

She wants him near, to talk!

But all in vain, for he too is sleeping and is far away.

She remains alone, sitting on her island, in black, lost and unaware of the world that is sleeping.

Ironically in those days, I didn't wear black! But that's a whole other story!
I do hope you have enjoyed these?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drama A series of events having vivid, conflicting elements that capture one's interest

I was going to do a political blog about the Global Financial Crisis, but I thought, you know what, at the end of the day politics is utter bull shit!

Money is an illusion. I’ll repeat that, MONEY IS AN ILLUSION.

Our purpose in this world is to LOVE & to be HAPPY. Both are our choice.

Because at the end of our days, all that will be important is that we loved, had good relationships with our loved ones and friends and that we laugh & have fun. Most importantly, we give thanks for all we have, and that we Love God, our neighbour AS ourselves. I honestly believe this.


God meant it to be simple. Look at the 10 commandments, if you lived by those rules and were mindful of the seven deadly sins, you’d die and be reborn as the soul you are in heaven. In my life, I’ve broken most of the 10 commandments, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a false God & I have not murdered anyone. Thank God. If I have a deadly sin, it is in the last year, I have been quite lazy! Or Sloth as it is in the seven deadly sins!

While on the 7 deadly sins, Greed on the part of the illuminati / Bilderburg Group / Troika is real. It isn’t the ordinary person, in the main who were greedy or who partied, it is the so called √©lite who are greedy & still party, at our expense. They do much worse too. But as they too have the media sown up, all we get on main stream media is propaganda. Now some of it on the internet ain’t great either! I’ve been burnt there too! If I had any wisdom to give on main stream media, I’d say, stop watching TV. It numbs you! Trust me on this, I was addicted to it! The √©lite actually control us by putting the worst fear in us, they threaten our safety! Please do look up the 9/11 truth documentary!

Over a year ago you will know if you are a regular reader to my blog, that I had a great need to educate myself on the economic state of our country. So I went off to Kilkeconomics, an economic bonanza of the who’s who in Ireland and abroad. Nearing the end of the 4 days or so I was there, I felt so over-whelmed by what I was hearing, I skipped a session.

In February last year, I went sick from work & I ended up being out of work for 7 & ½ months & I went down to ¼ pay. I job share you see. During that time, I did as much research as I could on what the feck was happening in our world. I looked at economic terrorists, http://www.infowars.com/economic-terrorists-thats-you/ I learnt what fractional reserve banking is. Google it! It ain’t pretty. I read about shell, the Niger Delta, Shell to Sea, the Vatican’s corruption, which I’d known about since reading the book God’s Banker! The oil & gas reserves off the Irish coast & that Providence is now off the Baltimore West Cork Coast! I learnt about Fracking, that a lot of our taxes are fraudulent, about being sovereign, about banking and about a lot of corruption!

I started watching Max Keiser http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/ & I went to see Max in Dublin, & went to a few protests. Money as debt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc3sKwwAaCU&feature=share I looked up Medjugorje http://www.medjugorje.ws/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-FvMvsnttc&feature=related The Mayan predictions /calendar http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/what-mayan-elders-say-about-2012 all the predictions in fact! But a prediction is just that. Now don’t get me wrong, something will happen at the end of this year, but we human beings can change it, if we choose to. I looked up and read copious articles on Ireland’s economic demise and how Iceland are doing so much better than us and they burnt the banks and the bondholders. It is well known, I do not like what Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Monsanto are doing. They are part of the illuminati. I know they are creating the Global Financial Crisis for their own greedy end.

I looked up Haarp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3GEEw3lcIw and the destruction it is doing to our world’s weather along with Chemtrails. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFpS1yVioLM&feature=share I followed all the earthquakes and found this massive volcano & they say if it blows it will take out most of Europe. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-1342820/Vesuviuss-big-daddy-supervolcano-Campi-Flegrei-near-Naples-threatens-Europe.html

I followed Fukushima http://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=fukushima%20update&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC0QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffukushimaupdate.com%2F&ei=ofIJT-LDDJOxhAfml_mZCQ&usg=AFQjCNGjt3KPjMbLI2k6FduHOUQHdHvW_g&sig2=jhqC3gY5cv2VlHp7mp-yQQ and I know the radiation levels in Tokyo exceed Chernobyl! I saw how the big oil companies keep oil prices inflated & that there is technology out there where we don’t need oil. I read that very creative people made cars that run on water & a few of them are dead now! Look this up too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djDV_suycA8 and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7PQG5weeHk and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym5ZCUr8bEY&feature=share and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OaM12UIeVA

I’ve read and researched so much & then I hit a bigger wall! I went through a period of being terrified of all the evil that is going on in our world. Then I’d start again and read more. I am a Twitter & facebook information junky! I became anxious and fearful again, I wasn’t sleeping! Plus there was a lot going on in my work life! Which, to this day, has not being resolved!

Then last August, I realised something so simple, MONEY IS AN ILLUSION. You have no idea what freedom this has given to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I use money to buy food, fuel & pay some of my bills, because for now I am in a system where money is used. I don’t have a lot of it, in truth. And I am grateful for that, because I won’t have much to lose, when the crash comes. For the financial crash is coming. It is just a question of when. I predict between now and Easter, possibly mid April. I might as well throw in my own lol!! The world can actually function without money folks! I went to a debt conference and there were 31 or 32 people in the room & the total debt between us was €60 MILLION! I realised then, we are fucked as a country, if this is a microcosm view of Ireland's debt! To clarify, my debt was the smallest, thank God!

What I don’t get is this, why the Irish Government are buying into all of this crap, there is only one answer, there is a gain in it for them. There is always a gain to stay asleep or in denial. It is our great protector, to a point!
Look this up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwpUYogeSwI&feature=share This is good too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-1nSnlBdR0
I felt I needed to do something, so I set up #TheGathering which is an online meeting hosted by @onlinemeetings. This is the original invitation.

The Gathering Thursday the 8th December 2011 8 PM to 9 PM On line, Live Stream, Hosted by,
Irish Debate Onlinemeetingrooms.com @onlinemeetings

I have organised a live stream forum with Irish Debate on the above date & time.
The aim of this forum is to unite groups & individuals in Ireland to share experiences & information, but above all, it is an opportunity for us to unite & take positive peaceful mature action for ourselves & our communities.
Why? Because the need to ease the financial struggles of what life has become in Ireland, is needed now! To be a strong voice, my need is that we unite & I hope this is your need too.
I will post the link to you later this week. This forum is by invitation only, as this live free stream can only host 50 people. We can discuss a bigger forum, if needed, on the night.

No politicians or their cohorts will be invited.

I wish to state, I feel it is very important that as individuals and groups, that we unite, while maintaining our individuality. My need is that you respect this & each other on the night.
BTW you will need head phones to participate & a computer camera, latter not necessary. You will need fast broadband.
If you cannot make it on the night, please let me know, as I can invite someone else.

Yours most sincerely,

My aim in doing this, is to take action for ourselves by way of a mortgage strike, I think we need to bring the banks to their collective knees as this is what they are doing to Human Beings.

Our next meeting is next Thursday the 12th January. I’ve met up with a guy called Barry who along with others want to start a financial strike. Also a few ladies on Twitter want to go to the Labour party conference in Galway this year to voice their protest peacefully, at what the Government are doing to us human beings in Ireland. As you may be aware, there is to be another budget soon.

My point in writing this blog is this. It is now the time for us all to unite. It is time for us all to go back to our basic values. To love yourselves because the degree to which you love self is the degree to which you love another. It is vital to love God. Look at the earth he has given us, look at the beauty of Earth, it will tell you how much you are loved more than I ever could. Give thanks for all you have and send the earth, your family, friends & especially those who treat you badly, LOVE. http://www.ted.com/talks/ric_elias.html#.TwgrSkSH96l.facebook

In the days ahead, do grow your own food, store enough organic seeds, read all about the wonderful benefits of herbs, berries & even weeds! Educate yourself on storing water for example. http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2008/09/30/most-powerful-potent-medicinal-medical-plants-in-nature/ & http://www.richardcassaro.com/the-ancient-doctrine-of-signatures-suppressed-by-the-elite

Now is the time that we look after each other & to unite together with God or your higher being.

Remember this you could not treat another human being badly, if you loved who you are! If you pray, continue to do so, the world needs all our prayers right now. And do trust God.

In conclusion, this whole Global Financial Crisis is a drama, when someone plays out a drama in your life, trust me, they are hiding something! Ask yourself what are the so called elite hiding from us!

Much love to you & yours, Trich.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No, I am not following my Passion or Passions!

In my life I have been passionate about people in the main. Before my children arrived, I was passionate about radio, namely pirate radio and when the girls were in their mid teens, I went back to hospital radio for 5 years.

The longest passion I’ve had is writing, I was always writing. I practiced making my penmanship creative & unique to me. It is all of these things. I have many diaries since my teens & while the girls were growing up.

I was passionate about the girls Dad too................. But that was fado fado.

I suppose my greatest passions were and are my children, who are all grown up now & living their own lives. As nature intends I am not as involved in their lives as I once was and rightly so.

I am also passionate when I dance, but I don’t dance anymore! Dancing for me is the vertical expression of love making. Even if that is with myself, when I dance alone.

This morning, I opened my first email and read a reply from the author of a blog, I had commented on.

“Greg Canty commented on Are you following your passion?.

in response to irishminx:

Brilliant post Greg……

thanks for the positive feedback Trich - can I ask the question .... are you following your passion?”

What a challenging question to read first thing in the morning......... I honestly replied via email that no, I am not following my passion. In fact, I am not sure what my passion is anymore!
Hence this blog in an attempt to find out what is it I am passionate about. But first, I need to explore with you what I was and am passionate about in my life.

I am & always have been passionate about asking questions, it can drive other people nuts, but if I don’t understand something, my need is to seek to understand. So I question until I understand. Plus there are times, I won’t accept what someone else says and go off and find out for myself, much to those who love me, annoyance!

Honesty is another passion I have. In a world where honesty is not valued, this has often gotten me into trouble, which sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it! A lot of people do not like truth. But you know, lies hurt more than truth in my own experience. My motto is this, “I can deal with what I know; I cannot deal with what I don’t know.” Lies make me feel as though I am on quicksand & I am the one sinking & trust me, that is not a pleasant place to be.

As a child, I was passionate about God. I absolutely believe that my belief in God’s LOVE for me, is the main factor that kept me safe & sane. However, at the moment, I am going through what I can only describe as a barren phase, in that I am finding it quite difficult to pray. Mass is out of the question, I didn’t even go on Christmas day! Not that I am a regular mass goer, I am not. However, when I make the effort to go, I love Mass and receiving Holy Communion. I even love Confession! I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. When I was either 19 or 20, I went away for a weekend to look at being a nun! On the Sunday, the head Nun and a priest were giving us a talk, when I piped up with, “I don’t believe I can be a nun, as I know, I would want to have sex and not having it, seems a very bleak existence!” The priest replied, “Now I am glad you brought that up Trich”..... Needless to say, his response did not make a difference to me :) I do love God & I know he loves me unconditionally and that is not personal to me, as God loves us all unconditionally. I’ve just realised that maybe I am behaving like a rebellious teenager with God right now, in that, I want some sign from him/her of how much he/r loves me!! Jeez, I better ponder on this some more!

Believe it or not, there are time gaps when I write, as I go off to Twitter, facebook and look at my emails. So just believe me when I say, this actually happened near the end of me writing this blog please.

Well, looking at an email from a very new correspondent to me, a wee while ago, a gentle truth struck me. This guy has been sending me THE most beautiful photo’s for the past few days that he himself has taken. The guy has to have wonderfully beautiful eyes, as the absolute beauty, he captures in those photographs are stunning. I actually cried looking at these photographs last night and told him so in an email. Then he sent me two beautiful pieces of music that I hadn’t heard before. Both were musical pieces, one called Tender Devotion & the other....


Just look at the conductor, it’s looks like he is making love to this music. :) I loved both pieces of music. Then in-between writing this, I’d wander off somewhere else & this lovely gentleman sent me another email. It was then I saw. (Now you may think I am mad, but this is my truth), I saw gently that this man was showing me and allowing me to hear beauty, in what he was sending me. God has many ways of showing us he loves us and one of those ways is the beautiful world he created for us. I was looking for a sign that God really did still love me & there it was, in the form of a kind man, whom I have not met, sending me beauty. Truly, I am in awe. (Say this gently please).

Now back to the original blog.....

Sometime later in my young life, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want sex, however, I did want to make love with a man & I wanted him to make love with me. To this day, I still feel the same way, which makes one night stands rare in my life! ( I am human too ) :) I’ve had many offers of “Come on Trich, lets have a Fuck or a Shag”. This is THE greatest turn off for me and I smile & say NO Thanks! I don’t believe this is something that I am boasting about, by the way.

I do though, love to make love & if the object of my affection is a good kisser, WOW! Because I am a great kisser & I miss both when I am single. I love to tease & flirt, it builds anticipation in my head & man you cannot get a better aphrodisiac to my mind! It starts in the head with me :) The biggest single issue I have, is that there are so few men I am attracted to & if I am, they tend to be in a relationship thereby ending the attraction for me. :) I need to stop here, as I do intend to do a separate blog about sex & sexuality some day..................

Suffice to say, I am passionate about making love.

At 18 years old, I discovered psychology and I believe it is what has helped & guided me throughout my life. Psychology seeks to understand human behaviour and many many years later, I learned that ALL behaviour is wise. Our own behaviour mirror’s for us, what is going on inside of us, if we only took heed. When you perceive a child to be bold, it isn’t that they wish to make your life difficult, rather it is, they are showing you, how difficult their life is for them! It makes sense really, when you think about it and if children do this, well you know, we are big children and the same applies to us. I could go on about psychology, because I do love it, but I am under pressure time wise now. Not only have I read a lot of psychology books, I have also spent 5 years studying it in both Maynooth College & UCC twice. Because I needed to heal me!

I am passionate about sharing good information too. (As all my friends, Twitter & facebook pals know!) This along with my asking questions & the fact that I am passionate about people brought me into the job I do now & have done since 1992. My job is to listen, to hear a person’s need, to ask copious questions & to give people sound advice and very often money. If I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll go and find out & later relay that information to that person. One of the most important aspects of my work, as I see it, is to enable people to help themselves. On the QT I will also bring in my relationship mentoring skills. It is quite often needed in the work I do. It is not something I broadcast; I tend to do it whenever the need arises and it does arise now more than ever before. However, the powers that be have changed a lot in our work, in the last number of years. Then about three & a half years ago, something major happened in work and it was after that, that I stopped listening to them. I may blog about this sometime soon! And while I still love doing clinics, I do not like the rest of my work anymore! And more especially since Troika have brain washed the majority of the “power heads”. But I won’t do political just now! Yep, that too is another blog ;)

I started this blog telling you I love radio & writing. I have three books on the go that I have not touched in about 5 or 6 years! When I write, it is such a natural high and I feel this too when my signature tune starts to play at the beginning of one of my radio shows. No matter how I feel before the radio show starts, when Bitter Sweet Samba by Herb Alpert starts playing, I am all buzzed up on a natural high.


The picture is clear, isn’t it?

Plus, I’d love nothing more right now than to do a radio show on relationship mentoring. I think the world’s people need to hear, that THE most important relationship is with yourself & God. Every other relationship I have depends totally on the relationship I have with myself! My truth is this too, when I pray and have a close relationship with God, I am a happier being. I haven’t felt happy for about a month now & I miss it. Around the same time, I stopped praying!

My only ambition in life is this.......... I want to be who God made me to be. And I think I am not doing this.

Big changes ahead huh!

What a fecking challenge Greg!

And Georg, Thank you :)