Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Kevin O'Toole commented, on November 28, 2010 at 6:07 p.m.:

And what did Trich Deeney (in the picture) have to say?

On the Sunday Tribune 28/11/10

#5 Trich Deeney commented, on November 28, 2010 at 8:26 p.m.:

In reply to Kevin,

I am not a member of any party. I am an Irish citizen, a mother of two grown up daughters. I have a part-time job that I wish was full time!

I live in the South of Ireland and I went to Dublin twice, for the Peaceful Pumpkin Protest and to the Silent protest last Thursday, because I believe that in the past, I colluded with what has happened in our country, because I said and did nothing!

I can no longer say or do nothing!

Hence my presence at both those protests. I couldn't make the huge protest yesterday in Dublin, as I was being conferred in UCC. So, in order to make up for not being in Dublin yesterday, I organised an other protest in Cork today. Four other lovely people turned up for it, one being an 80 year old lady from Mallow.

My own reasons for attending and organising protests, is so that I can now stand up and be counted. Whenever, my grandchildren arrive and they ask me "Granny, what did you do?", I can honestly say, what my input was.

I am increasingly saddened and angered at what I see the Irish Government doing to the beautiful country I live in. They are lying and stealing from us right, left and centre. But worse, they are crippling me and you with bank and NAMA's debts! I can not in all conscience stand back and allow the Irish Government to do this to me and you. THIS IS NOT MY DEBT! I will not bail out the banks, property developers and bondholders, who gambled and lost!

If I gambled money and lost, then I am the sole loser. I took a risk, I lost, so I take it on the chin. Therefore, my need is that the banks, bondholders and property developers take their debt on the chin!

However, our Government do not see it as I do. They are rallying ahead and bailing them out and stitching the ordinary Irish citizen up! What they are now doing is NOT a bail out, they are ensuring poverty to the ordinary citizen for decades to come! My need is to ask why? Why are our Government doing this? In my experience of life, people tend to behave in this manner for their own gain. I'd like to ask our Government what is your gain, in selling out on the human beings who live in our wonderful country? Please please answer my question.

I no longer believe or trust the Government. I do need them out. I believe they are behaving dishonestly and immaturely.

My need is to know the total figure of all debt in Ireland. This as yet has never been confirmed by our Government. WHY?

What are you afraid of?
What is your gain in this?

I need all our political representatives to look deep within themselves and ask why, they have not spoken out against what is currently happening economically and politically in our country.

What makes it so difficult for any one one of our politicians to behave maturely? Because that is what you are being challenged to do!

Please answer me why?

Yours most sincerly,

Trich Deeney.

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