Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I admit, I am quite angry with our politicians / banks & property developers, whom, I perceive as causing our country’s financial swamp! I am equally angry with NAMA! I am, like most Irish folk, struggling financially. In some ways, I feel I am lucky, because my mortgage is €400 a month, but there is still 27 years left for me to repay my mortgage debt and I am not in negative equity, thank God. Then again, I doubt I could sell my home either, even if I wanted to!

Many moons ago, I was a member of the Saint Vincent De Paul. This year, for the very first time in my life, I needed to go to them for financial help and thank God for them and to them, they helped me. I am deeply grateful to them for their financial assistance. When they agreed to help me, I cried. I was on my knees financially. It was a place I never thought I’d find myself in. I am grateful too, to have a job, as a public servant. I job share and I earn €392 a week. I have tried three times to get back to work full time. However, management prefer to give a grade 3 or 4 public servant an acting up allowance of about €30 a week as, it’s cheaper than bringing me back full time, they’d need to pay me another €25,000.00 if I was to work full time. I could go to the union about this, but frankly, I lost trust in them a few years back and I also don’t believe they work for me! I still pay my union fees, but only because I do not want to pass a picket! Isn’t that sad!

I feel and hear people’s unrest and anger at the same people and institutions as I am. When I hear folk call for a revolution and civil unrest, it scares me. History has taught me that violence does not work. Anyway, I do not believe it is the way forward for us as a country and world. I believe now is a time of great opportunity for each human being on our planet. This opportunity will bring a huge challenge to each of us to be loving, compassionate and kind towards the Government / Banks and Property Developers. I do believe that Government, banks, bond holders etc need to be responsible and accountable for and to their own actions for the financial crises we are in. Collectively we all need to be responsible and accountable in loving compassion and with kindness to all and for all humans. This is a quote from the Dalai Lama, which I copied from Twitter today.

DalaiLama Dalai Lama True compassion is impartial and bears with it a feeling of responsibility for the welfare and happiness of others.

We all have our own autobiography, some call it baggage, however, it is not a word I like to use. Our own stories carry hurts which follow us in life, on an unconscious level. Our behaviour though will bring our attention to what lies hidden within us, only when we feel safe, will the wisdom arise of why we behave as we do. This truth applies to those in Government, in the Banks and to you and me.

I have listened to people for two years now, complaining about who can we vote into Government as people are, in my experience, fed up to the gills of our policy makers here in Ireland. I am fed up too. I don’t believe a word our Government says, I don’t believe the banks and I do not believe NAMA. I want a total reform of what was, in Ireland. We are vibrant, creative, genius, spiritual human beings who are, I think a bit stuck right now. This can be changed. We could lead the world in a loving, compassionate kindness towards a new now and world. How?

By voting ourselves into Government. Why not? We have genius economists, accountants, legal folk, teachers, psychotherapists/psychologists, medics, spiritualists etc, who are working in grass root levels daily, to make a difference in your lives and mine. What I am saying is that every adult in this country becomes involved in the daily running of our country in a loving compassionate and kind way of living. That does not mean that those who are responsible for the financial morass we are in are not accountable. They are both responsible and accountable as you and I are, for all our actions.

This is the road less travelled in our world, however, it is achievable and it will take time. A lot of time. It can be done, the question is.......................Are you and I up for it?


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  1. Well written, maybe the title should read "Live less"? :)