Saturday, November 13, 2010

More on Kilkeconomics

A quickie response from me, re Jargon busting & how an economy grows & crashes. Jargon busting was serious and fun. I found Brian Lucey, at times confusing, whereas, David Succinctly explained jargon in lay man terms. The biggest thing I learned was that NAMA (& I have major issues with NAMA as it is), is a bust hedge fund! Now I dislike NAMA even more and am glad my profile pic says BIN NAMA!

I found Peter Schiff to be an American capitalist who basically says that Governments need to stay out of the economy, coz they make it worse and to allow market forces do their thing to correct recession. He says the USA are in a depression, which I've thought for quite a while now.

Phillippe Lergrain speaks well and makes sense, however, he had very a different take than Peter. He went into conflict with Peter and that pissed me off, (I was cross!), because I couldn't hear a word then with himself and Peter in my left ear and this man in my right ear firing his own take at the two of them!! A word of wisdom to Phillippe, don't personalise it and know when you do, your response is all about you! Just like my response is about me!

The man who impressed me most is Martin Lousteau and shockingly,(to me), he said he will be 40 next birthday, the man only looks 28! What impressed me about Martin is he is so solid in himself & humble and by far the wisest and most experienced of the bunch.

They all agreed that we don't have to pay off all the debt, do a deal. But sure we all know that! Our Government seem to be the only folk who don't!

For now sin é, I need breakfast! :)

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  1. Thanks for the explanations and the brief synopsis, the second debate sounded more like a shouting match rather than a civil debate, thanks again for the update!
    stick with it Irishminx......