Thursday, January 24, 2013

GMO Or Monsanto's Gentically Modified Foods ....... I so dislike Monsanto!

 Anyone who knows me will know, I don't like Monsanto and here is a very good reason why!
What God gave us, NO man can compare with. Nature is Nature for very valid reasons!  Take a look at the link below.

Also, I am posting this link from F. William  Engdahl, it is a very interesting interview he did in China recently while launching his book on China, called.... "Target China"

William has written many books and I recommend "The Gods of Money" and "The seeds of Destruction".

You'll learn a lot from this man and I thank him for all his research, books and for sharing with us vital information for all of us in this time.

Mostly, I thank him for his friendship to me.

Go raibh mile maith agat William :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Request ................ A Tough Request!

There is a movie about what I am going to write about now, if I could remember the movie, t’would be great! Hang on......... let me see if I can “Google” it! Yeah, it is called a Wedding Date! LOL!!

Late in June this year, my eldest daughter is getting married and I would like to bring a date with me. So what’s the challenge here? Well................... and trust me, I never thought I’d request this, not in my life time............ The truth is, I don’t have a date for this wedding and I would like one.

So being ever so brave, I am putting it out there, ARE there any single available men, my age, 51, who would enjoy accompanying me to my daughter’s wedding on the 28th June 2013?

You can email me here from my blog, but to make it easy for you, my email address is

I stress, you must be Single, VERY Separated or Divorced with no hidden lady on the side, please, my need.

Oh please be from Ireland, if possible. It just makes the logistics easier. But I am open to real honest offers.

Thanking you and me, for being so utterly courageous!

25th April 2013

I would like to say, that a number of weeks ago, I made the decision, not to bring a date to my daughters wedding, which is now 9 weeks away. My reasons? Well, any date would be at a loose end for at least half the day, as I'll be busy with the bride, guests etc. That would not be fair to the date. Then I got to thinking about the photographs and thought, they'll always be in the photographs.........Suppose I wouldn't like that?!?
So I decided it was best to go to the wedding alone.

Thank you to those of you who replied to this. I deeply appreciate you and your courage. :)