Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unconditionally loving and living.

This is my response to an article David McWilliams wrote.

Re: "There is a way out" by David McWilliams 22/11/10
Hi David,
This of all your articles I've read, feels like a game plan. But not in a good way, to me.
Firstly and honestly, I don't know "the basic rules of capitalism".
My gut reaction to what I've quoted is, Capitalism doesn't work.
It may for a number of those folk in our world who are wealthy
and who know the rules of capitalism and who basically don't care
who they trot over to get the money they desire.
I honestly don't have a bad bone in my body towards people who are wealthy.
As long as they work for and acquire their wealth honestly.
I do have a problem with people acquiring wealth by dubious means.
And where innocent ordinary citizens of any country, are used abusively
for the purpose of other peoples greed. Like the recent property bubble's here
and in the USA. This is a greedy fraudulent scam, that was committed by huge corporate
organisations/banks/property developers and those in Government, who were all colluding, for their own gain. And who had and haven't one kind thought for ordinary citizens. I have a problem with that.
I feel you are now suggesting that I collude with a plan that I find dishonourable.
And I have difficulty with,
"Don’t forget that the markets are not wise, they are bullies, and the way to stand up to a bully is to threaten him"
Threatening any body, is not honourable or wise behaviour. Sure stand up to them, with compassionate kindness, not with threats?
I couldn't care less if "The president of the IMF is Dominique Strauss-Kahn and........... he wants to be president of France." Nor do I wish to collude with Mr. Strauss-Kahn getting the job.
Why do I as an Irish citizen need to go down that road, when I don't believe it is the authentic way to go.
All it is, is another game, like the one we played out in the "posh room"!
It is not real, it will be like, for me at least, colluding with another Celtic tiger, i.e. denial.
Why would I want to go back there?
I don't.
I've said this before, I didn't prosper from the Celtic tiger, however, I am taking the pain of the bust for the past two years. But this isn't the '80's & '90's anymore, I am not prepared to take the pain again unless it is equally shared among ALL Irish citizens. Because back then, our Government did not take the pain equally with the human beings who elected them into PUBLIC OFFICE. Mind you, the elite didn't either!

Now when you say the "Markets are not wise".............well, the markets are made up of human beings and all of us express ourselves through our behaviour. (There are seven other ways we express our individuality, but for now, I am focussing my attention on behaviour). You see, I have learned that ALL behaviour is wise. I believe that what is now happening in our world, basically the huge debt, is that we are all being challenged, to look deep within ourselves and have our come to Jesus moment and examine what it is our behaviour is saying to us. The answer for every individual will be different.

We as human beings have forgotten our deepest desire, to be loved unconditionally.

So how do we as human beings replace the lack of unconditional love for self? We may become addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, not eating, over eating, or we may become violent, depressed, sad, lonely, suicidal, manic or we become greedy for status, power and wealth. In the hope that some of these substitutes, fill that deep void within us. However, within the depth of each of us, is a place of knowing, we know within our core, that these substitutes will not ever replace the solidity that comes from unconditionally loving of self. When we are in that unconditional loving solid place, how do you think we'd behave towards self and an other?

Human beings would have no fear of being real and authentic. Human beings in this state could not hurt an other, because they would not hurt self. Human beings would forgive debt. They'd know that status, power and money is, in the main, irrelevant. They'd also realise that they can not eat money! They'd know that money won't comfort them, like a kiss and a hug from their child/mother/husband/lover or friend.

You and I are being challenged now, in our current world climate, to be real and authentic with self and with each other. We are being challenged hugely by our debt crisis to wake up to the only real truth in the universe, that of unconditional love for self.

It is not about finding a way out, it is about, finding a way in!

I finished my response here to David. However, my need is to clarify what I mean when I say, "Finding a way in".................Basically, finding a way into your authentic self. Being who God made you to be. Being the unique individual you were created to be. Show the world your light, talents and gifts. The only way to that place is to go within.



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