Sunday, November 28, 2010

My response to........

Kevin O'Toole commented, on November 28, 2010 at 6:07 p.m.:

And what did Trich Deeney (in the picture) have to say?

On the Sunday Tribune 28/11/10

#5 Trich Deeney commented, on November 28, 2010 at 8:26 p.m.:

In reply to Kevin,

I am not a member of any party. I am an Irish citizen, a mother of two grown up daughters. I have a part-time job that I wish was full time!

I live in the South of Ireland and I went to Dublin twice, for the Peaceful Pumpkin Protest and to the Silent protest last Thursday, because I believe that in the past, I colluded with what has happened in our country, because I said and did nothing!

I can no longer say or do nothing!

Hence my presence at both those protests. I couldn't make the huge protest yesterday in Dublin, as I was being conferred in UCC. So, in order to make up for not being in Dublin yesterday, I organised an other protest in Cork today. Four other lovely people turned up for it, one being an 80 year old lady from Mallow.

My own reasons for attending and organising protests, is so that I can now stand up and be counted. Whenever, my grandchildren arrive and they ask me "Granny, what did you do?", I can honestly say, what my input was.

I am increasingly saddened and angered at what I see the Irish Government doing to the beautiful country I live in. They are lying and stealing from us right, left and centre. But worse, they are crippling me and you with bank and NAMA's debts! I can not in all conscience stand back and allow the Irish Government to do this to me and you. THIS IS NOT MY DEBT! I will not bail out the banks, property developers and bondholders, who gambled and lost!

If I gambled money and lost, then I am the sole loser. I took a risk, I lost, so I take it on the chin. Therefore, my need is that the banks, bondholders and property developers take their debt on the chin!

However, our Government do not see it as I do. They are rallying ahead and bailing them out and stitching the ordinary Irish citizen up! What they are now doing is NOT a bail out, they are ensuring poverty to the ordinary citizen for decades to come! My need is to ask why? Why are our Government doing this? In my experience of life, people tend to behave in this manner for their own gain. I'd like to ask our Government what is your gain, in selling out on the human beings who live in our wonderful country? Please please answer my question.

I no longer believe or trust the Government. I do need them out. I believe they are behaving dishonestly and immaturely.

My need is to know the total figure of all debt in Ireland. This as yet has never been confirmed by our Government. WHY?

What are you afraid of?
What is your gain in this?

I need all our political representatives to look deep within themselves and ask why, they have not spoken out against what is currently happening economically and politically in our country.

What makes it so difficult for any one one of our politicians to behave maturely? Because that is what you are being challenged to do!

Please answer me why?

Yours most sincerly,

Trich Deeney.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Peaceful candle protest in Cork

Is now on in Daunt Square at 4:30 pm on Sunday the 28th November 2010. Cork Gardai phoned me yesterday to request we change the venue, as the Christmas market is on in the Grand Parade over the weekend.

I was happy to oblige.

Spread the word please and many thanks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I meant to do this, my apologies.

"First, we have no bank resolution law in Ireland, so we can do what we want from here. We could now pass a law that says the Irish approach to bank resolutions will be based on debt/equity swaps, where shareholders and subordinated debt holders take the first hit."

I agree we need to allow the above.

I admire David McWilliams, for the record.

My take on his latest blog is different to his.
And his take to my response may be different too.
That is what democracy is all about.

I believe we need to share our individual vision so that it enables each one of us, to grow into mature human beings.

Unconditionally loving and living.

This is my response to an article David McWilliams wrote.

Re: "There is a way out" by David McWilliams 22/11/10
Hi David,
This of all your articles I've read, feels like a game plan. But not in a good way, to me.
Firstly and honestly, I don't know "the basic rules of capitalism".
My gut reaction to what I've quoted is, Capitalism doesn't work.
It may for a number of those folk in our world who are wealthy
and who know the rules of capitalism and who basically don't care
who they trot over to get the money they desire.
I honestly don't have a bad bone in my body towards people who are wealthy.
As long as they work for and acquire their wealth honestly.
I do have a problem with people acquiring wealth by dubious means.
And where innocent ordinary citizens of any country, are used abusively
for the purpose of other peoples greed. Like the recent property bubble's here
and in the USA. This is a greedy fraudulent scam, that was committed by huge corporate
organisations/banks/property developers and those in Government, who were all colluding, for their own gain. And who had and haven't one kind thought for ordinary citizens. I have a problem with that.
I feel you are now suggesting that I collude with a plan that I find dishonourable.
And I have difficulty with,
"Don’t forget that the markets are not wise, they are bullies, and the way to stand up to a bully is to threaten him"
Threatening any body, is not honourable or wise behaviour. Sure stand up to them, with compassionate kindness, not with threats?
I couldn't care less if "The president of the IMF is Dominique Strauss-Kahn and........... he wants to be president of France." Nor do I wish to collude with Mr. Strauss-Kahn getting the job.
Why do I as an Irish citizen need to go down that road, when I don't believe it is the authentic way to go.
All it is, is another game, like the one we played out in the "posh room"!
It is not real, it will be like, for me at least, colluding with another Celtic tiger, i.e. denial.
Why would I want to go back there?
I don't.
I've said this before, I didn't prosper from the Celtic tiger, however, I am taking the pain of the bust for the past two years. But this isn't the '80's & '90's anymore, I am not prepared to take the pain again unless it is equally shared among ALL Irish citizens. Because back then, our Government did not take the pain equally with the human beings who elected them into PUBLIC OFFICE. Mind you, the elite didn't either!

Now when you say the "Markets are not wise".............well, the markets are made up of human beings and all of us express ourselves through our behaviour. (There are seven other ways we express our individuality, but for now, I am focussing my attention on behaviour). You see, I have learned that ALL behaviour is wise. I believe that what is now happening in our world, basically the huge debt, is that we are all being challenged, to look deep within ourselves and have our come to Jesus moment and examine what it is our behaviour is saying to us. The answer for every individual will be different.

We as human beings have forgotten our deepest desire, to be loved unconditionally.

So how do we as human beings replace the lack of unconditional love for self? We may become addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, not eating, over eating, or we may become violent, depressed, sad, lonely, suicidal, manic or we become greedy for status, power and wealth. In the hope that some of these substitutes, fill that deep void within us. However, within the depth of each of us, is a place of knowing, we know within our core, that these substitutes will not ever replace the solidity that comes from unconditionally loving of self. When we are in that unconditional loving solid place, how do you think we'd behave towards self and an other?

Human beings would have no fear of being real and authentic. Human beings in this state could not hurt an other, because they would not hurt self. Human beings would forgive debt. They'd know that status, power and money is, in the main, irrelevant. They'd also realise that they can not eat money! They'd know that money won't comfort them, like a kiss and a hug from their child/mother/husband/lover or friend.

You and I are being challenged now, in our current world climate, to be real and authentic with self and with each other. We are being challenged hugely by our debt crisis to wake up to the only real truth in the universe, that of unconditional love for self.

It is not about finding a way out, it is about, finding a way in!

I finished my response here to David. However, my need is to clarify what I mean when I say, "Finding a way in".................Basically, finding a way into your authentic self. Being who God made you to be. Being the unique individual you were created to be. Show the world your light, talents and gifts. The only way to that place is to go within.



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Please support this peaceful protest

Candle peaceful protest @ the Peace park, Grand parade, Cork on the 28/11/10 @ 4:30 P.M.

Protesting at what our Government have done to our beautiful country!

Worth listening too.

One of the few realistic voices in Ireland.

David McWilliams on tour.

If you haven't seen David in action on Ireland's economy, trust me he his good, you will learn a lot from him, in easy to understand language.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Join this, if it's your thing.

Anything that put's pressure on our Government ministers to resign, I'm up for it, as long as it is peaceful.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Towards a mature Ireland

My overall response to Kilkeconomics ...............

I went to Kilkenny last Thursday and I left there yesterday. I had tickets for ten gigs. Although, I only went to nine gigs! I had four tickets for Saturday, but as I was on over-load after the third gig, I gave my ticket away to someone who wanted to go, as most of the gigs were sold out. This morning, my head is still full of what I learned and the wonderful people I had the privilege to meet.

May I state first, that I have huge regard and respect for David McWilliams. The first time I ever heard him, was a number of years ago when I saw him interview Dr. Tony Humphreys on the afternoon show. What impressed me then about David, is his humanity, he is a real and authentic human being. A body, no matter how well briefed on a subject, cannot portray these mature qualities, unless they are real and authentic. Having met him in person over the weekend, I still hold the same opinion, David McWilliams is very human and solid within himself. He is congruent. And certainly when I meet people who are, I recognise it deep within my being.

Here is what I heard and learned over the course of Kilkeconomics.

How and why the property boom happened and how the bubble burst. Bubbles burst when they have no solid foundation. The banks lent recklessly, encouraged the ordinary person and property developers to borrow huge sums of money, often without, real collateral and proper back round financial checking to see if these people had the ability to repay the loans. Then they colluded with local and national Government to rezone land. Auctioneers joined in the game and inflated land prices, which increased house and shopping centre prices and the Government played the game too, as they were increasing revenue.

Anglo were the first bank who played this game and in time, the other Irish banks joined in, for fear they were losing out, as it was quite a profitable business game. The figures being bandied about were frightening, in truth though, no one has audited anything, so no one truly knows the exact figure of the financial debt in Ireland. This is quite scary!

Bill Black, an American regulator explained that the banks had these fancy mathematicians doing all sorts of equations that put a value on the banks assets. The higher the value that was put on these assets, the physicist’s bonus directly reflected the value they placed on the asset!! This is where the banks then got their triple A ratings. In reality, this was a dream bubble!!!!! There was NO solid financial foundation in this type of accounting. Bill has put a 1,000 of these people in prison for fraud in the USA. In Ireland, no one has yet been made accountable for their action in our financial demise.

I experienced Saturday’s gig on NAMA and Anglo as THE most depressing! NAMA, is a bottomless hole, that the Irish Government keep trying to fill, only they don’t realise or maybe don’t want to know, that it cannot be filled. However, with the stroke of a pen, the Irish Government could give responsibility of NAMA to the banks. Needless to say, I am in favour of that!

The Irish regulator of the day, was paid a handsome handshake and pension. The Central Bank only did what they were told, by the Government. I remember wondering at the time why the Central Bank of Ireland would come out with very soft warning’s to the banks about their lending behaviour. Now I know why!

There was agreement that our financial institutions and markets are bullying our Government and that our Government need to stand up to them. However, if our Government did, the Financial markets etc, would take a hit on their gamble, which is what those markets are about anyway! So they further pressurise the Government with worst case scenarios as naturally, they neither want to lose on their investments or take responsibility for their actions, as then they’d be accountable and would need to look at their own behaviour! Which would of course be, the mature thing to do. These people have a huge opportunity here to look at themselves and what it is their behaviour is teaching them. Also, it is believed that our Government do not want to lose face, either with the financial sector or the EU!! (See my posh room blog for more details on this).

I am angry with the mire my country is in and I know anger is all about taking action for self. So, this is my action, writing. On the one hand, I want a peaceful coup and evict our entire local and national Government and their cronies, who the Government have installed on the boards of NAMA and in the Irish financial institutions. What is so telling in this country is that the Government’s cronies, are the very same people who brought about this crisis! If you do something bad in Ireland, you are rewarded by getting fancy jobs and huge salaries and bonuses and if on the other hand, you blow the whistle, you are ostracized and may not ever work here again. This kind of behaviour breaks my heart.

I haven’t ever read any of Fintan O’Toole’s article’s or books. However, the man impressed me, he spoke a lot of sense and his knowledge is vast, to me. Olivia O’Leary interviewed him, in the “Hole in the wall” venue in Kilkenny on Sunday morning. I have always admired Olivia. To cut this short, Fintan is or has set up a web page called “Enough is Enough”, (the title of his new book). You can Google it and there he has or will have a check-list of questions, all real, mature and sensible for each of us to ask our Government representatives when they come calling to our doors. Or you can email those questions to them. Fintan believes we do have some good politicians who are as frustrated as I am with our Government, but their hands are currently tied. I am somewhat of a doubting Thomas in this area! However, please go and check this out for yourselves.

My overall impression of the speakers at Kilkeconomics is that they are all good, sound, mature and sensible folk. They made economics easy to understand. The comedians were great and I did laugh, this can be a feat for me at times!

My life has taught me that when a person does not take responsibility for their actions, it causes me pain and stress. This happens in immature relationships. Even if my own relationship with self is immature, I cause me pain. This pain increases if I am not in a mature place to be responsible and where I then go and blame another or myself. When I am in an immature and blaming place, I am not in an unconditional loving place with self. This is the wisdom of behaviour, as all behaviour is wise.

If I as a human being make a mis-take and I then try to cover it up, I am causing pain to self and to another or others. However, if I am in a solid mature place within myself, I would not be in a place to hurt self or others. Because, I would maturely admit my mis-take, thereby I take full responsibility for my own actions and hold myself accountable for same. Every human being on this planet makes mis-takes, it is to my mind, what being human is.

However, because of our own childhood wounds/history/ baggage, we often fear the repercussions of making a mis-take. So in an adult childlike fashion, we try to hid or gloss over our mistakes out of old feelings/memories of getting into trouble, where we as children, experienced annihilation for the small mis-takes we made in childhood. This fear keeps us, unconsciously, rooted to our old responsive patterns of behaviour. However, the paradox is, that as adults we need to learn that what worked for us as children, will not work for us as adults, so our behaviours now, brings our attention to learn as adults, to be mature. As not all of us adults are mature. The Irish Government are currently representing to me at least, the immaturity of us as a nation. As, we have allowed our Government to get away with their irresponsible and immature behaviour since the foundation of our State. Therefore, I need to take my own portion of responsibility, as I allowed this to happen by doing nothing. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say, STOP!

All parents know, that if we don’t point out to a child that a particular behaviour is not appropriate, how will the child learn the appropriate behaviour? They won’t and they’ll keep doing that inappropriate behaviour. Well reflect that to our Government now.

In a time where any one of us makes a mis-take, (I am deliberately breaking up this word, as all mistakes, are a miss take, until we get it right!), it is vital and so important not to blame. Blame gets us nowhere fast. In fact, blame has the opposite effect, where people/children automatically go into defence, because the risk to their safety is too great, their defence acts as a protective shield against those who are pointing the blame finger at them. Which is what I see happening with our Government right now.

I feel my own anger, I see and hear the anger of the people I meet every day. Anger can be turned into creative constructive action for self. So I put it to each of us who reads this and ask yourself, can I be responsible for the state of Irelands financial crisis? I did play my part, I did nothing when I saw it happening, I didn’t gain anything financially either, however, I colluded, because I did not take action! Therefore I am responsible. I am also now accountable to take the austerity measures coming down the line. I am in fact taking them already, my disposable income is almost gone. My need though is that every Irish person takes the hit. I need those responsible in Government, the financial sector, property developers el al to take their share in the austerity burden. My need is not to blame, however, I do need those responsible for this mess to be brave and mature and to put their hands up and to be accountable for their actions.

When a person puts up their hands and says mea culpa, I am sorry, it is my moral duty to forgive them, then allow due process and let the legal folk strut their stuff in a JUST manner, so that we can move on towards building a mature Ireland. These are my hopes and wishes for you and me.

I need to thank Richard Cooke, Sian, David and all those people who organised and took part in Kilkeconomics. And my special thanks to the wonderful warm and friendly staff in Langton’s who treated me like family while I was there.

BTW, there are other things happening around Ireland right now. I met a group from Dublin who have started “Direct Democracy Ireland” Their motto is, “Help us create a new platform that will enter Government and shift the power back to the people”. If you are interested in this, link onto or phone Raymond Whitehead at 087 6575316.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Honesty and transparency for all

This is interesting..............Maybe the Irish Government could learn from this as well as the Irish people?!?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More on Kilkeconomics

A quickie response from me, re Jargon busting & how an economy grows & crashes. Jargon busting was serious and fun. I found Brian Lucey, at times confusing, whereas, David Succinctly explained jargon in lay man terms. The biggest thing I learned was that NAMA (& I have major issues with NAMA as it is), is a bust hedge fund! Now I dislike NAMA even more and am glad my profile pic says BIN NAMA!

I found Peter Schiff to be an American capitalist who basically says that Governments need to stay out of the economy, coz they make it worse and to allow market forces do their thing to correct recession. He says the USA are in a depression, which I've thought for quite a while now.

Phillippe Lergrain speaks well and makes sense, however, he had very a different take than Peter. He went into conflict with Peter and that pissed me off, (I was cross!), because I couldn't hear a word then with himself and Peter in my left ear and this man in my right ear firing his own take at the two of them!! A word of wisdom to Phillippe, don't personalise it and know when you do, your response is all about you! Just like my response is about me!

The man who impressed me most is Martin Lousteau and shockingly,(to me), he said he will be 40 next birthday, the man only looks 28! What impressed me about Martin is he is so solid in himself & humble and by far the wisest and most experienced of the bunch.

They all agreed that we don't have to pay off all the debt, do a deal. But sure we all know that! Our Government seem to be the only folk who don't!

For now sin é, I need breakfast! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Posh Games

I’ve sat and thought about what I learned at last night’s gig “What just happened”, in Kilkeconomics .

Particularly, a theory David McWilliams put forward about our politicians. Let me relate it to you, in my words.

Those of us who are old enough will remember when our Granny’s had the “good sitting room”, or as David put it, the “posh room”. This room was only used when there was an “important” guest visiting, like the parish priest, doctor, teacher, local politician or indeed a returned family member from abroad. When they called to the house they were ushered into the good sitting room and the best china was taken out. Everyone sat around “pretending to be posh”, in essence, they played a game that upheld the illusion that they were posh and superior beings. No one dared say, the king has no clothes or what a load of crap! It would have been too dangerous to state the obvious. Dangerous, because they would have been, annihilated or cast out of the post circle of pretence.

David actually put this in simpler words last night, but I didn’t really get it then. I needed to sit with this and relate it to my way of being in the world.

So take this theory from the posh sitting room and now imagine our politicians going to the EEC many moons ago. They would have been in awe of the posh-ness of Brussels and meeting with the sophisticated French, who didn’t think “bog Paddy”, was posh at all! So to up-hold the illusion of posh-ness, they made an unspoken agreement, that they would both be posh. So no matter what happened, this illusion of posh-ness would always be upheld within the EU.

This morning, I was telling a friend of mine about this and explained I didn’t really get this. I need to remember it is only when I speak or write what I am thinking and feeling will my penny drop!

I then went on to talk with him about a union I was involved in where I sat on the Branch section and had voted for stuff, I knew very little about. I was new to the branch and I did a lot of listening, because I was new. However, because I felt insecure within myself, I did not question what I did not understand. The main individual, I knew, didn’t like me, which increased my own insecurity. Also, I was too lazy to go and do all the reading, I needed to have done, but didn’t. My friend said, it wasn’t I mulled this over, he was right, I was, in fact, being irresponsible in not educating myself about the issues that I needed to clearly know, before I voted on them.

Then I remembered watching Dana being interviewed by Gay Byrne on “The meaning of life”. I wasn’t a fan of Dana while she was in the EU, I felt she was too conservative. However, listening to her, I ended up admiring her, because she learned the Irish Constitution and guarded it, in relation to Pro Life. She wasn’t a popular EU member..............................Why?

Then I got what David McWilliams was saying..........Dana didn’t play the posh game. Hence she was voted out after five years! What I admired in Dana, while watching this show was how solid she is in herself. She didn’t care about the game, she had a job to do and she learned all she needed to know to do the job, she was elected to do, by the Irish people.

Here are two things I have had difficulty with in relation to our politicians behaviour in our current economic climate. I know that no human being is stupid, (it’s a word I have not ever liked, because as a child in school, I was often referred to as stupid and that word terrified me and for a long time, I internalised it. As we do when we are children, we believe what the adults around us say about us! Until I learned a great secret, the fact is, everyone is a genius). Then I realised that our current politicians are not stupid, even if they are behaving stupidly, because, they are afraid of being seen as stupid. So they pretend to know what they are doing, without actually learning everything they need to know about the Department they run and thereby, by not knowing all the need to know, they negate their responsibility. (BTW, I may behave stupidly, but I am not my behaviour, as our politicians are not their behaviour either, however, they, as I am, are responsible for their/my behaviour).

The second thing I kept saying was.........There has to be a gain for our politicians in all of this economic mess, what is their gain, because there is always a gain and all behaviour is wise.

Their gain, is their pseudo sense of worth, posh-ness if you like, they have false status, position, authority, power and financial wealth.

Now to the wisdom of their behaviour and please believe me when I say, ALL BEHAVIOUR IS WISE.

I now believe that their behaviour is saying to them, to be solid in who they are, so that they stop being lead like unconscious sheep. Their behaviour (and indeed mine), is giving them an opportunity to wake up to consciousness and to be responsible to themselves and us, in the job they are paid to do and to be responsible for the mistakes they are making. To be responsible and stand up to the bullying bondholders and say to Iceland did, get in the queue, we will pay you whenever or if ever we can. BUT our main priority will be to our own people, we need to look after them first. Then they need to bring those, who brought about the boom bubble to accountability, in loving compassionate kindness. If not, their defences will grow bigger, as our defences act to protect us. If they go into greater defence, then conflict emerges from the fear they’ll feel. That is why loving compassionate kindness is so vital in our growth as individuals, the society we live in and to the world as a whole.

So I now invite you to write to our politicians and state the King has no clothes and to say I see the posh game of illusion you are playing. My need is that you stop playing games and realise that I am a REAL HUMAN BEING.

I also think our politicians need to realise that with the power they have been given, brings with it, great responsibility.

Kileconomics 12/11/10

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kilkeconomics 11/11/10

I am just back from the first ever Kilkeconomics gig! Richard Cooke, a Cork man, opened it up explaining how the idea came to him, basically he saw David at the Peacock theatre, liked what he did and decided to ask David would he combine comedy with economics. Richards runs the comedy fest in Kilkenny.

Then David came on and explained what would happen. To do this he introduced John Lanchester, Bill Black, Vihjaimur Bjarnason, Colin Murphy, Colin O’Regan & Neil Delamere.

The writer & economist explained what they did and Bill Black really explained how the corporate world made lemons into limes, by putting them in black boxes. The "black box" is a secret, so no one knows what it does!! The oranges represented regulated mortgage lending, the lemon, de-regulated property lending. Then physicists were paid huge bonuses that was linked to the value they put on the lime! My understanding of the lime is that it is fake and not real! You’d have to have been there because he did have oranges, lemon and a lime to explain how the banks in America committed fraud ;~) ;~)

Bill has helped to put behind bars, the financial people in America who committed financial fraud.

In between the comedians came on stage …………
and the jokes and craic were good. They had to be good, I laughed!!!

In the last section they above crew put on a drama that explained just how the property bubble was built and subsequently burst.

Bill Black says our Gov. are being bullied by the financial markets, but that our Gov. are fools, to allow them and us to be bullied.

All the men!! who took part in tonight's gig really did make sense of “What the hell just happened”, in really simple language.

They are all in the bar now………and I am sure the craic is continuing……….I am not there, as I don't like being in a bar on my own!

First Kilkeconomics blog completed!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shared Vision

I wrote this on the 2nd November 2010, on the David McWilliams site, in response to our appalling economic state in Ireland and I decided to put it up on my blog, as I did write it. So far, one person is interested in forming a Shared Vision group. I am loath to say a "Shared Vision Party", as that, in my opinion, is what our Irish politicians seem to think they are at.........."A Party". Whether it be Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael and even the Green's, they all think it is one big party!
I do hope that something comes out of this...............................By the way, my reference to the turn out last Sunday refers to the Peaceful Pumpkin Protest, that a man called Richard organised on the 31/10/10 to show his horror at the forth coming budget cuts.

What to do next? I am attending the Kilkeconomics fest on the 11/11/10, mainly to educate myself. Plus I do have a huge respect for the people I have booked to see, 10 gigs in all and all on economics! This is my annual holiday this year. I am due a tax rebate which is paying for it. (Before anyone comments on my job and salary!).

I was disappointed with the turn out last Sunday, however, the people there were lovely and I remembered that good things often start small.

I would like to propose we start a NEW political party called, Shared Vision. The whole concept will be on the shared vision of the members, but especially the public’s vision, it will be based primarily on having a loving, compassionate and kind approach to running the country, with honesty and maturity as it’s ethos. I am writing this and in my head, I can hear the lads here groan…………….If you need to groan, do. I have no desire to judge me or anyone else here.

This approach on love, compassion and kindness is, I believe the mature way forward for all human beings on our planet, not just our country. WE could lead the way. This approach has not ever been adopted before world wide, so why not do it this way?!?
There really isn’t anything stopping me from doing it, or you for that matter. Other than apathy!

My background is in the HSE and social welfare and I have studied psychology and relationship mentoring for 5 years in total.

Unless, we as a society put people first, we are lost. Socialism and capitalism have shown that they do not work. The austerity measures that our Government have brought in and are bringing in, will only again shrink economic progress in our country.

I am not an economist, but as I am down all my disposable income, which I can no longer spend and that’s just me, one person! Most of the country are in the same boat as I am. What will further cuts do to us as a nation?!? I dread to think about it. But it won’t be a pretty sight.

It is never to late to make a difference and I feel strongly that I need to make a difference. Anyone on this site feel as I do? If so, add your name if you too are interested in starting a Shared Vision way of living. By the way, as this is Shared Vision, I can not put a manifesto forward, as it needs to be a Shared Vision manifesto! So can we all help to develope a shared vision for a mature way forward for Ireland and her individuals?

I offer this as an invitation to all Irish people.