Friday, September 27, 2013

Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly

After ten years Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly leaves Office for the EU Ombudsman’s Office.

So I wrote to her via email, as I am sad to see her go. To my mind she was an inspiring lady Ombudsman, who took her work in this office seriously and she was always just and fair. She is a lady I have always admired and I sent a lot of people her way in my career as a public and civil servant.

Here’s my email to Emily.................

To:                 ,
Date:                 25/09/2013 20:41
Subject:                 Emily you will be a huge loss to Ireland

Dear Emily,

Since May 18th 1992 to August 30th 2013, I worked as a Community Welfare Officer and in my time in the service, I have always advised my fellow Irish Human Beings
to appeal the decisions they were unhappy with, then to go to the Chief Appeals Officer and then to your office. Primarily to you since you started in the job of
Ombudsman. I have always regarded you as fair and just. Virtues rarely seen in some of our Public and Civil servants, much to my sadness. Yes, of course they exist.
But none as passionate and as just as you, in my experience. I feel your going to the EU as a huge loss to our small country. I mean this so sincerely.

I do wish you well in your career move and I hope it meets your hearts desire.

Maybe you see a bigger picture to the one I see right now?!?

While I wish you all you wish for yourself, I cannot hide the loss I feel at you leaving the position of Irish Ombudsman.

Please advocate for us in the EU with the Troika et al. We need strong Human Beings like you. I am aware there is wisdom in all happenings.

Still my sadness lingers at your loss to Ireland.

Is mise le meas,


This is Emily’s reply to me and I am chuffed she took the time to respond.

Dear Trich,

How kind and thoughtful of you to take the time to contact me and sen me your good wishes.

I can tell that you must have been a very humane Community Welfare Officer and clearly never lost empathy despite spending many years in the job. Those people you helped we're very fortunate.

I was very touched by your comments and I will treasure them as I head off to my new role.

Warm wishes


It’s a beautiful response................
Go gently Lady.

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  1. Emily I love if half of the woman in Ireland are just like you as you are, this sexist church in ireland will be shooted down kind regards Jordana.