Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life's little wisdoms .............. That I have learned ...........

I wrote this as an email to a friend. I did edit out bit's that would either identify them or where in the world I was speaking of............. to be fair to them and to me. The main reason I am posting this, is because, I think the wisdom's I am writing about are universal. In the next while, I will add the links to this blog, that I refer to here. Right now, I am to tired to do so..... As I am tired from the stress of not having a regular sleeping pattern over the last 9 weeks! I write this as much for me, as I did my friend. Thank you for reading my blog, it now has had over 11,560 odd hits. I am deeply grateful to you for this gift to me. Thank you :)

Ginger in your diet, would be beneficial to your digestive track. Cook it, in food, rather than eat it raw, it is a tad HOT!
Every morning and around 7 in the evening, boil Un-Fluoridated water, add a teaspoon of organic or manuka honey, with crushed ginger, thyme and a generous slice of lemon, squeezed into the mix, plus add the lemon, stir and this aids digestion and alkalises the body too. Plus it helps your kidneys to be more productive. 
Plus..................... If you put a teaspoon of bread soda in warm water everyday for a month and drink it. Then maintain it 3 times weekly, you will lose weight.
Trust me on this!
You agree the body is very wise? Well the natural state in our body is to be alkaline. However,
because we eat fries and shite processed foods, (Yes all processed foods including ALL Monsanto seeds/Products), our body becomes acidic. This in turn causes all kinds of illness for us humans, even cancer! Cancer, by the way, is a fungus. It can be cured simply by an alkaline diet/bread soda and raw natural foods. Do the research, if you don’t believe me!
This information is being suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies,  as they earn a minimum of 30,000 $ or € per patient with cancer! ++++++++
The fuckers!
If our bodies become too acidic this is what happens.............. The body naturally adds fat to our bodies, WHY?
Because, if our bodies did not build up fat, our organs would be destroyed by the acid build up. So because our bodies are so wise, (Always remember the body never lies and the heart always knows........) they naturally increase the fat content in our bodies to store the acid and to keep it away from our precious organs, to protect them from the hazardous danger of acid. Now do you see why you’ve put on weight.....................fries et al. 
I have tons of info on this! Plus on Fluoride, Chemtrails, HAARP, GWEN, Scalar weapons, vaccines, microwave radiation, Evil Monsanto, the Global Financial Crisis, which has been manufactured!! ++++++  Read my blog sometime. All that info is there! My blog is either deeply personal or political!
You will not see your children grow up to be a man/woman and see his/her children, if you do not change your eating habits! Use this, as motivation, if that’s your need!
Having said that, currently, I lack motivation!!!! See the advice I am giving you!! Everything I say, do, feel and think is 100% about me! 
Sit with this, until you get it.This is my current challenge! The paradox of being a Human Being!
However, I am struggling through this currently. I am aware, of what I say, do, feel and think!!
Since, I was 18 I have studied psychology informally and then did 5 years in college to learn more. I’ve learned more outside college than I did in college, however, I do not reduce the benefit of my formal education. However, life teaches us more, if we choose to learn. It’s all about Free Will at the end of every day!
I always thought it was extremely important to wake up to self and it is NB. However, it is equally important to wake up to the world we live in. When I was rearing my children, I used to talk to God and say, “I am so glad, I do not know what you know! In a sense it was a cop-out. However, it was where I was then. I could NOT have coped then, with what I now know. So when my youngest left home, I started to get brave....... yeah, in some ways I have always been brave, I would say, I am a courageous body................ However, after my youngest left home, I said to God, ok, show me a little more of what you know. He did, once I acclimatised to that information, which did come my way, I’d ask for more information and so it went on............ it is still on going. However, there are some dark places, I do not want to go to! As they are to close to the bone for me!
Maybe, someday, I will go there?!? I truly do not know.
Have the best life you can have, shine your light onto our world, our world needs your light. Be congruent, you’ll be authentic and folk will naturally hear and know this intuitively.
You are here in this time, because you have a purpose, you have a unique light to shine that is a God given gift. Shine!
When you shine, you give other’s the permission to do so too.
Yes, I hear and see what I am writing too.
This is life.......................
How better can it get..................... Red heart  Live from your heart.

Le meas.

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