Sunday, February 5, 2012

United we stand, divided we fall and we are falling................

Hi all,

I started doing research when a tutor of mine mentioned 2012 way back in 2010. He said it was the coming of a world full of love. Before my graduation that year, I started digging. The more I dug, the more I found.
Now you know, I am all about love, but what I discovered, is not about love. (Having said that, go look at the last 3 links I’ll add to this letter for you).

It is my belief that the information we need to wake up is out there & all we need to do is to look for the information. By the way, waking up I discovered isn’t just about doing so psychologically & emotionally! It is about waking up to all expressions of self! Waking up is painful as it breaks down our own illusions about ourselves & what we believe to be true.

However, the truth will set you free. Albeit painful at times! I wouldn’t be sending you these links unless I thought & believed there was truth in them. Now I believe if we do not take positive, mature & peaceful action & unite,
we will go through even more hardship, than we are going through now. Just step back and look at what is happening Globally in the economic world. Unelected Goldman Sachs people are now in Government in Greece & Italy! WHY?
For that matter why are the Irish Government paying them huge consultancy fee’s when they are some of the bondholders?!?

This link is really for Barry & as I work in this area it is for me too!

In my opinion, this will take the focus off the Gov.'s/Troika’s fraud of us! Think Police state, because social welfare fraud is NOT what they say it is. They use absurd figures that are makey uppy to get their figure of €600,000.00 fraud, seriously! Look at it logically, if there was that much fraud it means me and all my colleagues are not doing our job! Trust me, the majority of us are! Oh & Troika are behind this!




NB Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP, Secret Sciences & High Tech Mind Control 1/5 - YouTube

And NB too

Anonymous emails from air line staff

Their site


Always a great read




Swine Flu con


And did you know that a number of US Presidents are related to Queen Liz!

An Irish journalist

This is a good site Oh & start eating raw veg & even grow your own! Eat cherries & alkaline your bodies, these will assist your immune system to be stronger against the assault's our bodies are under. Organic Wheatgrass alkalises the body, but find out more about this yourselves.

Chemtrails, Haarp, Fluoridation of our water supply, vaccinations & the coming of monsanto seeds are to dumb us down & kill us off. These are the reasons for increased Autism, dementia, cancers, arthritis etc. Just look at all fizzy drinks & artificial sweeteners, they have a chemical in them called ASPARTAME. Break up this word and see the metaphor “As Par TAME” ! Don’t believe me, go do the research yourselves. I have spent the last 18 months researching this & it is time for action folks, because if we do not unite very soon, we will be very ill or dead!

I actually don’t mind if you all think I have gone mad, because I thought my own father mad for over 30 years when he spoke of the New World Order, I now believe him! In the last two days my research is bringing me to places that both scare me but also cause me to become angry, anger is my own bodies unique guide that will bring me into action for myself and I do need it’s energy! There seems to be a very strong relationship between the New World Order & the Nazi’s. Don’t shut down when you read this, question me, go seek out the truth for yourselves.

It was here I first looked & in a nut shell, there is to be 3 days of darkness this year, as there will be a pole shift. Ask yourself why someone would do the “zetatalk” paper, if there wasn’t some element of truth? Plus there are huge planet alignments this year. Go look for the evidence.

Kiesha Crowther habla sobre el 2012. SUBTITULADO EN ESPAƱOL – YouTube

Also read the messages from Medjugorje

Medjugorje WebSite - Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages and Apparitions

I think it is the one dated the 25th September 2011 that says “Everything is falling apart” & it is.

There is a lot of information here, so take your time, as it may over whelm you.

I have been sending this information out for a long time now & it is not making a difference, in that no action is been taken. I’ve blogged about this

& I started an on-line meeting group, called The Gathering, so that we can take positive action for ourselves and it too is going no where! I’ve also written to Government & that has no impact whatsoever! I feel somewhat defeated, however, I know I now need to take action for myself. This will be the last email with links I will send to you all. (In truth, this is the first time some of you are getting these links!).

If any of you want to take your own action, here is a list of radio stations around Ireland, go spread it this way, if that is your choice!

RadioStationWorld - Ireland - Radio Station Websites

Mostly in my experience human beings are afraid to speak about this. This is THE BIG LIE folks, hence it is hard to believe. I know, I’ve lived it for 18 months now. I often question my own sanity, but why is there so much of this information out there

if this is a hoax? Why is there a Global financial crisis? Why did 9/11 happen? Why do the US want to now invade Iran? Why do the presidents of America & politicians & even the Pope last year talk about a New World Order? Ask yourself who gains from Global warming? Why we have little sunshine? Is it the 1% who will gain from all of this? Who are the 1%?

Would you believe this is not the way God intended the world to be! God did mean for us to wake up & shine our light of love. Now before your eyes really glaze over, I’ll finish. Please do look at these links & share this information.

Thank you all for being a unique part of my life, each of you has taught me much and for that I am grateful
For those of you who did show up to The Gathering meetings, thank you. I need to be clear here, The Gathering meetings have ended. (5 to 7 people showed up to the 2nd last meeting & 3 last Thursday night!).

My gratitude & sincere thanks to Joe @onlinmeetings (Twitter) & for hosting these meetings for free for me/us.

With love & hope,


P.S. This is an email I sent today.


  1. Is there anywhere in the world not having problems? If so, I'd love to live there. The American people are tired of twisted government and woes, too. Your frustrations are felt, and I empathize. Warm blessings to you and yours!

    1. Thank you Amberr, I feel the whole world is suffering, all we need to do is unite in love. Not any new formal religion that may soon come!

  2. Trich during your research did you not come up with 12th May 2012. Supposed to be the end of the world that day!? I know an elderly farmer in Kilfian, County Mayo. He's farmed in that area for 70 years and he claims it will not be possible to grow anything in another 20 years. Because of chemicals, Ozone damage and pesticides the very earth itself is dying. Years ago he grew everything but now he claims his lands are only fit to grow turnips. Lots of people laugh at this old geeser but I think he speaks from the horses mouth. He's on the gound, has the experience and the knowledge.

    1. No Tony I actually didn't hear of that date in my research. Although the date that kept coming up was the winter equinox and 3 days of darkness?!?

  3. Toni the end of the world is not until 12th of December 2012 I was told to go to a different site that day but I can concur with your friend mayo .disappeared are corncrake cookoo yellowhammer skylark curlew and many more birds and ground nesting creatures all poisoned

  4. It is sinful the amount of animals that are dying with flippant official explanations! Not to mind, the human beings who are dying too!