Monday, February 27, 2012

Life is difficult, however, if we do nothing to make life better, than we are guilty of indifference!

Hi all,

I am sending you these links, as 99% of them are to do with Geo-engineering, Chemtrails and Haarp.

18 months ago, if you had presented these to me, I would have thought you mad. However, after 18 months of my own research and seeing Chemtrails with my own eyes, I now believe this is happening in our world.

What is tragic about Geo-engineering is that you and I, our families AND OUR CHILDREN are being adversely affected by the chemicals that are being sprayed from our skies. They are poisoning HUMAN BEING, the soil and our water supplies.

I am nobody, in that I am one human being. I do not have your power in our world, nor do I have influence, like you do.
All I know, is geo-engineering is immoral and wrong. It is killing you, me and our children. Yet, no one is doing a thing to prevent it!

When I was a child and learning about the 1st and 2nd world wars, I could not understand why the people of the day allowed these wars to happen. Now I know why! Apathy, ignorance and the killer, indifference! Well, I cannot be any of these human vices. Even if it means
danger to me personally.

You see, one day, I will meet my maker, just like you will and I truly want to stand before my maker and say, I did all I could do to make a positive difference in my world.
I can only do this, if I spread the information I have learnt in the last 18 months. Why am I doing this? Because I need to have a clear conscience that I did my best for me and
my fellow Human Beings, while I lived on Earth. I am not an important Human Being, in life’s terms. However, I am as important as every other Human Being to my maker.

Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not the most spiritual or religious of Human Beings, however, I do care and love the people of our world and the world God made for all of us.
You may already have decided I am a nut case and if you have, I am ok with that. I have ploughed a lonely furrow for the last 50 years of my life. I do not and have not followed “The Crowd”!
I am grateful I haven’t. I am grateful that God made me just as I am.

However, as you are in a position of power, my need is that you at least investigate Geo-engineering and why Geo-engineering is happening!
Plus and more importantly that you STOP geo-engineering happening over Ireland’s air space, like NOW!

I have a few theories as to why they are happening. However, you need to discover why, for yourself and to come to your own conclusions.
Even if one of these conclusions is that I am mad or whatever! In my truth, I question myself and what I’ve learnt, A LOT! However, the evidence on the internet cannot
all be wrong! Just read Revelations in the Bible. I am not a religious fanatic, but I do believe that it is the HUMAN BEING that is more IMPORTANT than money, position, status or
any such bull!

I would like to see my grandchildren, who have yet to be born. I am sure you would too. If you want health, safety and a fulfilling life for those you love, then look at these links.

Oh and by the way, the EU also has acknowledged the reality of Geo-engineering!

Just in case you missed it above!

Also radiation from Fukushima is huge and you need to protect your children and your loved ones as best you can from this radiation and yourselves.

Please do your own research, don’t believe one word I’ve written here, if that is your need. Check out for yourself what is happening Globally.

Oh and we need to STOP paying the bondholders, like NOW! Please start looking at the big picture here!



I sent the above email to these TD's;

Michael Noonan
Sean Barrett
Michael Conaghan
Micheál Martin
Aengus O'Snodaigh
Anthony Lawlor
Tom Hayes
Jonathan O'Brien
Pearse Doherty
Trevor O'Clochartaigh
Stephen Donnelly
Joe Higgins
Eamonn Gilmore
Vincent Gibbin
Willie O'Dea
Kevin Humphreys
Barry Cowen
Noel Coonan
Joan Collins
Alan Farrell
Finian McGrath
Robert Troy


  1. Man has destroyed all his own creation and fair bit of the almightys he will most definitely end his rein on this planet sooner or later you had 2 atomic blowups so far the next 1 or 2 could finish the job. If all those so calld brilliant scientist were around in the dark ages they'd be put to death ,

  2. Anonymous then I am grateful that I do not live in the "Dark Ages", truly. Every time I see a plane fly over Irish airspace dropping their deadly chemicals, I send the pilot, mechanics and person's unknown, LOVE & LIGHT. They do not understand that they are not just destroying my life and yours, but their own lives & their loved ones lives too. No decent HUMAN BEING could destroy life, if they truly loved who they are.
    They just do not know what it is they are really doing! Least, that is what I hope.
    By the way, it is man who is destroying life!
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Well done Trish.
    Thax for first putting me onto the chemtrail awareness. Had heard something last year - one small little something but now I got the bigger picture. Which is great because I knew it all the time - without knowing I knew it!
    As in knew there were mad feckers out there controlling banks and now it appears even the weather! I wonder if I gave them a few bob would they make Ireland warm and sunny?

  4. Thank you LexRay & I am glad your own wisdom knew. It is important to listen to our own internal wisdom. I just want the people who spread Chemtrails & use Haarp to stop using them. What God made is perfect, why interfere with perfection?!?

  5. I cannot get involved in anymore battles right now, my world has shrunk to fighting for my children at every turn, but I am so glad that I know people like you who ARE looking at the bigger picture and trying to change things x

  6. C, thank you for your comment. Please understand, that I have the greatest admiration for what you are doing on a daily basis.
    I don't know that I can stop chemtrails, Haarp or scaler weapons, but if I do nothing, I have no chance! Poisoning Human Beings & Planet Earth is NOT right, it is immoral and sinful imo. Without Human Beings and planet Earth, there is no world, economy, education etc.
    I'll keep doing my bit and you keep doing yours, both as very important to Man Kinds survival.
    With love to you and yours xox

  7. BTW This is a video I came across, this has the scientific backing.


      This is good too.

  8. Thank you for posting these things. I appreciate everything you do to make the world a better place, and I know you do a lot. Hugs and blessings--Amberr M

  9. Hello! What is yous point of view on advertisements put on blogs?

  10. I'm really not into adverts on blogs, but each to their own!