Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poetry is part of the dance of life..........

Today I've decided to put up some of the poems I've written.
The first one I wrote in response to 9/11. I felt 9/11 brought me
to my knees, with the shock of what I saw on TV, I was in Barcelona that
day, when I received a text from my ex-husband to go & watch any TV station.

I wrote this poem a few months later, it is my response to 9/11 & indeed it
is true for any dishonouring, disrespectful & violent action that is bestowed on
any human being in our world. Paradoxically, it is true for honesty, kindness,
compassion & loving acts bestowed too.

I wrote this in Crookhaven, West Cork in 2001.


I am you and you are me.
You and I make up the human chain.
Life sends us lessons.
Lessons, you and I need to learn.
But I deny and you deny.
'Tis the cancer that destroys, your soul and mine!
For I am you and you are me.

When I hate,
When I am full of anger,
When I am absolutely fearful and terrified,
When I declare war,
I bestow this on you!
For I am you and you are me.

When will I know,
That I am you and you are me?
If I hurt or kill you,
I hurt and kill me!
When will I know,
That you are me and I am you?

I will know when I choose to be you.
And you will know when you choose to be me.
When I admit to my denial, you will admit your denial.
When I am aware, you are aware,
That I am you and you are me!

Then life will have taught us peace and love.
OH JOY…………………….
I am you and you are me!

This one I wrote when I worked in Ballylickey Manor, Bantry, West Cork when I was 19 years old. I wrote it about the room that was my home in the summer of 1980.

The Walls of Silence

Together discussing favourite topics, between now familiar walls.

A room, where you feel relaxed, slowly discovering one another.

In a room you never knew.

A room full of other peoples memories,

yet the room tells no secrets.

If these walls could speak, imagine the stories they might tell.

Can these walls see us now?

Have the seen the people of long ago?

Will the see the people who have yet to enter?

Will history repeat itself between these walls of silence?

I hope yes, I hope not!

This next poem I wrote when I was 18 years old in Grange, Douglas, Co. Cork.I had
a big decision to make.........

The Decision

The decision has to be mine and only I can make it.

Does my whole future depend on this, my important decision?

Did you ever feel lost, lost in a maze, with low and heavy fog?

Did you feel unsure when you came to those crossroads and didn't know whether to

turn right or left or just go straight ahead?

'Tis I that am lost in this maze of life.

That is why I and only I can make my decision…….

My decision for the future.

This poem, I wrote when I was 18 too, again in Grange, Douglas, Co. Cork.

Lady in Black

The world, she is sleeping.

Except the lady in black.

The lady is alone on her island, so alone.

She longs for company, companionship that will not come.

Because the world, she is sleeping.

The company she longs for is that of a man, she met but twice.

Their first meeting was brief, but that of their second meeting was precious.

This meeting passed quickly, her memory of it beautiful.

The lady is confused and the answer she searches for is not there.
She will not let it be known to herself.

Still, the world, she is sleeping.

This man, who is he? Where does he belong in her world?

She wants him near, to talk!

But all in vain, for he too is sleeping and is far away.

She remains alone, sitting on her island, in black, lost and unaware of the world that is sleeping.

Ironically in those days, I didn't wear black! But that's a whole other story!
I do hope you have enjoyed these?


  1. You're a born communicator Trich, such talent. Got to help find you an outlet for it. Peter

  2. Some really lovely words here, I was transported far away xx

  3. Thank you both for your kind words :)
    I really appreciate them.