Friday, August 27, 2010

In relation to love, I am in a dilemma. The love I speak of is unconditional love of self and the unconditional love that God has for each and every one of us. Do I need to unconditionally love who I am, to know God's unconditional love for me?!? I felt I used to know this, but of late I am questioning my own ability to love myself and to feel God's unconditionally love for me. Now on a logical / intellectual level I know God loves me unconditionally. I however, don't feel this love. Is this because I don't truly love myself unconditionally?!? Do I not feel God's love for me because of my human inability to stop and listen to God? Do I not know my own unconditional love for me, because I haven't sat with feeling lonely and listened to my own heart?

I have tried in the past to meditate, but my mind goes all over the place and I do find it difficult to still my thoughts.

How does a body listen to their heart? And how do I hear my heart speak? When my heart speaks to me, is that the dawning feeling I know when a wisdom comes to light to me?

I remember a quote and I don't know where it comes from, but the quote goes like this..........


Is the answer I seek in these words?!?

I wrote the poem below 31 years ago!

I feel a little lost now.

Maybe, again it is time to sit on my island, in the hope of finding who I am now.

Lady in Black

The world, she is sleeping.

Except the lady in black.

The lady is alone on her island, so alone.

She longs for company, companionship that will not come.

Because the world, she is sleeping.

The company she longs for is that of a man, she met but twice.

Their first meeting was brief, but that of their second meeting was precious.

This meeting passed quickly, her memory of it beautiful.

The lady is confused and the answer she searches for is not there.


She will not let it be known to herself.

Still, the world, she is sleeping.

This man, who is he? Where does he belong in her world?

She wants him near, to talk!

But all in vain, for he too is sleeping and is far away.

She remains alone, sitting on her island, in black, lost and unaware of the world that is