Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots & the Global Financial Crisis, commonalities?

No human being is born scum. In my reality of life, all behaviour is wise.
All these rioters are doing is showing, how hard life is for them on the inside.
I do not agree with violence, violence be gets violence and to bestow violence upon them
will only spark further violence! Violence is not ever the answer on any side!
When I am hurt as a human being, I’m in pain right? I as a human being don’t like feeling pain!
So what do I do instead of sitting with my pain, I become angry and lash out at another or at society.
This is what we are seeing here in the London riots, collective pain.
Actually, this is an opportunity for all of us, (Society), to learn what is it we all need to do to make our world a better place to live in. If that is what we choose to do, everything in life is a choice!
I do feel it is important that these rioters take full responsibility for their behaviour, in so doing, it shows their maturity.
However, do you think they will be mature? Take responsibility for their actions? Probably not!
Ask why?
Look at the Global Financial Crisis right now & who are the people in our world who are suffering the most. The poor, those who have lost their jobs due to the economic turn down, those who are ill, as their health services are cut etc. When these rioters were born it was either at the beginning of the economic boom or when the boom was getting into its steady rhythm. Now look at the shape of the world! There is a big difference now between those who have and those who have not. I liken the boom period to that of the 1920’s and now to the beginning of the great depression in the USA of the 1930’s.
Now look at who created the Global Financial Crisis, look at all the bankers/ Governments/property developers/Elites of our world. Has anyone of those people come out and apologised for their behaviour and owned up to their part in the Financial Global mess we are in? NO, is the right answer! These people have NOT taken responsibility for their behaviour! Therefore, how can you expect the youth in the London riots to be responsible for their behaviour, when those we give power to, don’t take responsibility for their behaviour! Is it still one law for the Elite and other law for the poorer in our society? Yes!
Both the London rioters & the people who created this financial mess are equally guilty of criminal behaviour! Who are the people in both these situations who will be caught and brought to justice?
Only a lot of the rioters!
So you see, this is an opportunity for all of us to change the way we live. The opportunity here is that we all become mature world citizens, where we take full responsibility for our behaviour and actions. It is within each of us to rise to the challenge and become mature human beings, then and only then, will we find peace within and live in peace with each other!


  1. Just echoing the same thoughts on @topgolds blog, http://bit.ly/o21ERr, that we don't instil a need to earn public citizenship - rather we assume we should be compensated for being a citizen instead (you owe me culture).

    This has been brewing in London and the UK for decades - the boom just covered it. Yes we should protect the poor in society but I think we should all get more involved in community projects and social development.

  2. The division between the haves and have-not-and-never-will-have is very pronounced in Britain, it's a social powder keg waiting to be ignited. But there is no justification in a democratic society for thuggery, looting and arson. The alternative to democracy is anarchy and that's no solution to anything.

  3. David, I think that each of us needs to be & take responsibility for ourselves first & then act responsible towards others with kindness & compassion. After all, we are all human beings with basically the same needs.

    Peter, Can I ask what you would propose as a solution ?

  4. Hi Trich, I'm a proponent of high taxes on the estates of deceased people, on the basis that the transfer of huge wealth from generation to the next is the root cause of an ongoing system of have-it-all versus have-not-and-will-never-have. After that, I'd prefer to be ruled by a system of democratically decided laws (and policing of those laws) than by the mob-rule we witnessed last week in the UK.