Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reflect & embrace the shadow of self.

I wrote this post in response to David McWilliams article/blog see link

I wrote this because it is time for me too to reflect & embrace my shadow self.

I do hope it touches your soul. It has mine.

I enjoyed the article David & I am NOT a football fan. I liked your analogy with what is happening in Ireland with emigration. You painted a picture for me & I saw the bigger picture. Always good in my book.

Maybe I am a simple human being, who isn't as informed in economics, politics or banking as I need to be?!? However, I have never read as much on these topics as I have in the past year.

Here is my take on the GFC.
I see financial & political people who have huge power & wealth. They are greedy for more of the same. They are responsible to no one, not even to themselves. They will walk on whoever it is, they perceive, gets in their way. In psychological terms, they are working from their shadow self & don't own it or even realise they are doing it! Mind you, I do think the more experienced of them, do know what they are doing! Having said that, every human being knows when they do wrong!

If I look back to the 1920's, I compare it to the 2000's. Anything look familiar here? Then I look at the 1930's financial crash & I see the 2006 financial crash. I ask myself, who benefits more if we have another depression? Except this time, it will be a worldwide depression. Truth be told, I believe that is exactly the place the world is in right now. Not a piddling recession.(And in a recession psychologically, this means to look in, recess). Now in psychological terms, a "Depression" means, to depress the self. The USA did just that in the '30's. Then what happened? We had World War 2!

Now I remember when I was a child asking myself, why did the people in the world at that time allow WW2 to happen? I was in fact shocked that the world went to war with itself! (The collective unconscious!) In 1993, I was again shocked when the former Yugoslavia, went to war with itself. Again, I was shocked that the world said little & did very little to stop this war. I saw the refugees from this torn country come into Ireland & it was my experience that they were solicitors / doctors & their families that came first. Not the poorer people in these countries, as they are now. I again asked myself why all of this was happening, my answer was & still is this, Because NOONE, NOT EVEN ME, stood up. I said nothing, I did nothing! Yet, my fellow human beings were murdered, raped, persecuted & maimed. I can give myself any excuse I want to give myself to justify why I did nothing. However, I did nothing because I was indifferent. Indifference is the opposite to love, where you feel nothing. In essence, you switch off your humanity. Just like those before me did, in the 1st & 2nd World Wars & still do in the wars we have in our world today.

I am braving it here on this forum to speak out now about what is happening today in the world I live in. Because not to do so, means I collude with the collective unconscious and therefore allow what is happening to continue happening. If I say & do nothing, I am in the same dark place, as the person who murdered, raped & pillaged, whether it be physically, economically, financially, spiritually, creatively, behaviourally & psychologically.

Unless I as a human being begin to see my shadow side & (all human beings have a shadow), & embrace & accept it as part of who I am. Then & only then, can I begin to change me. When collectively, every human being takes on this responsibility for themselves, will change come about in our world. It is my fundamental duty to do this as a citizen of Earth. It is also my responsibility to speak up, to take action for what is right, just, fair & moral. Now I am speaking up, because I want a better world for my children & I to live in. My response is my first action too. I will need to take more also. I also need to reflect more & own all of who I am in my humanness.

What are you going to do?


  1. Well said, Trich, a very good read, thanks

  2. A lovely blog Trich, and very well thought out. it is my belief that all wars are political, that one you mentioned world war2 is a case in point, there is nothing like a good dose of patriotism to cure depression. I am often worried that our collective leadres will arrange WW3 to put an end to our depression. Best wishes Margaret xx

  3. Good posting Trich. Change comes about when people act for what is good, for what is right, for the future generations. Peter