Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Independent Candidates in GE11

Last October at the Kilkeconomics festival I met a group of lovely people who were setting up a NEW party called Direct Democracy Ireland. However, as the Irish Election was called sooner than expected, DDI were not registered as a party and therefore couldn't run their candidates.

A few of them though decided to run as independents.

This is the link to DDI

May I wish Raymond Whitehead and Paul Clarke the very best of luck in their constituencies of Dublin South and Dublin North Central.

Ireland needs strong individuals to make the changes Ireland needs right now and the candidates I support in Cork South West and in Dublin are strong honest human beings.

I request you support the new Independent candidates in your constituency who desire to bring about positive change within our political system and who have the moral tenacity, vision and honesty to bring about these much needed changes within Irish society.

I will be voting for the 5 Independents in Cork South West in GE11. I pray for change in Ireland now, without it we are sunk!

Change the way you vote!

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