Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dave McInerney Independent candidate in Cork South West GE11

Have you been wondering and searching for the candidate you'd like to vote for in Ireland's General Election 2011?

I have and I've come up with a man I am giving my number 1 vote to.
His name is Dave McInerney and he is in Cork South West Constituency.
Dave, like me, wants a Better Ireland.
His policies are aligned to my own wishes for what I believe Ireland needs NOW!

Go and check Dave out for yourself. This is the link to his site.

I am hoping that all of the 233 independents get elected and that the "Old Parties"
are not elected, as they have in my opinion, ruined Ireland.

In one of my previous blogs, I did state that I would run in this general election, however,
Direct Democracy Ireland were not registered as a party by the time the election was announced and I did not want to run as an independent. Plus in that time, I realised that I have no desire or need to be a public figure. I struggled with this, however, I can not and would not deny my truth.
I am happy to know this about myself and I honour this fact too. Maybe, in time that will change, I don't know. Time will tell.

Ireland right now is on the cusp of change and I pray that her people have the courage to make this change real, by voting in these new Independents and finally ridding us of the old political system. A system that has not worked for many many years!

My best wishes to all the new independents and congratulations for having the courage to put yourselves forward in General Election 2011. Your task is not an easy one, but then change is something we all find difficult, however, it is necessary right now, in Ireland.

I wish Dave McInerney the very best on the 25th February.

Slainte agus beannacht,


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  1. My sincere prayer is that Irish people will vote new blood into Irish politics, I sincerely need reform with-in our society. Please make your right decision.

    May the love within our universe guide me and you during this process to have the courage guide us all.

    Le meas,